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I’m so sorry it’s been so long! School started up for me again meaning choir has started. Karate has also started. I’m going to do my best to answer questions and keep up with the blog. Thank you!!

aetherlocke sent: (What you're doing here is amazing! Your art is very charming~)

That is so sweet! I’m happy you like my art! Thank you!!

irimaru sent: Link. How much you love Zelda?

Anonymous sent: adding my thoughts for the other anon: It's also very important that you draw a lot. Draw when you're bored, draw when you have some spare time... just practice practice practice. And make sure to look at different art and find inspiration so that you have a goal to aim for.

exactly! thanks for your input.

Anonymous sent: How do you draw?

For me, I have done art for most of my life. As long as I remember! I think the best way to do art is experiment with different styles, mediums and drawing things that aren’t exactly your forte. I think art is all about experimenting and failing once in a while but having courage to try again.

As for specifically drawing, like with pencils or charcoals, I find that experimenting with different pressures and darknesses help with an improved understanding of how to develop. I personally use only one pencil for simple sketches but when you want to do a more detailed sketch, use as many as you can!

So basically, experiment with artistic choices and keep practising is my advice on how to draw! Hope I helped.